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Premium Water Purification Services that Protect You & Your Home. 

Serving the DFW and OKC areas.


About Us

We are a local, family owned water purification company that provides safe, clean water to residential homes & businesses in the DFW and OKC areas.  Our plumbers are always Master Plumber Certified to ensure safe installation of Puronics products. 

How it Works

We are an Authorized Dealer of Puronics products. The purification systems we install remove harmful chemicals and impurities, plus soften for better tasting, smelling, and purer water.


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Products & Benefits


Pure Water guarantees safe, drinkable water by installing 2 Puronics Products: A Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System & a Whole-House Water Refiner. These products work together to soften & purify the water you use every day.

Reverse Osmosis System
Micromax 7000

This industry-leading reverse osmosis system produces up to 75 gallons of clean drinking water each day.  The RO400 seamlessly removes ions that cause water to be hard (usually calcium and magnesium ions).

Whole-House Water Softener
Defender 30c

This whole-house water refiner addresses a variety of water quality issues, offering you softened, iron free water that increases the longevity of your appliances, reduces the cost of soap/cleaning costs, & leaves you with better tasting water.

Defender 30c (1).png

Benefits of Installing a Water Treatment & Purification System

efficiency of water using appliances 

Reduce limescale buildup in hot water heaters 

Softer skin

Prevents corrosion in household piping

Decreases product buildup in your hair


"I had a great experience with DFW Pure Water. The service was impeccable, delivering high-quality water that tasted crisp and clean. The testing was fine better and after installation, and the ordering process was smooth, and the delivery was prompt. Brogan was friendly and responsive, addressing any questions we had, you can tell he's very passionate about what he does. I appreciate their commitment to providing pure and safe drinking water. I highly recommend DFW Pure Water for anyone seeking reliable service and clean water."

Customer Testimonials


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